Sunday, February 27, 2011

FoW M1 155mm Field Artillery Battery

Well Saguaro Painting Service has been busy, sorry for the lack of posts, but been painting. Speaking of painting here is another commission that was finished today for a customer up in Washington State. It is a FoW US M1 155mm Field Artillery Battery with a Fire Direction Center. Enjoy...

Next up on the painting bench are 15mm Teutonic knights followed by another 15mm FoW unit, a small (88+ figure) Cossack unit.

And just a reminder, we are still accepting commissions, so if you need something painted drop us a line...


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lord of the Rings Commissions


Got something different here at SPS, one of my customers commissioned me to do some more Germans for Flames of War as well as these Army of the Dead figures for Lord of the Rings.

These guys were fun to paint and I did not do any dipping on them, they are straight paints and they came out rather well. There is a total of 23 figures and points wise it is about 500 points for LotR.

Also here is another figure that was commissioned a while ago, it is of Gandalf the White. This guy has been sitting on the bench awhile and since I was in the mood for LotR figures, he got painted up.

So there you go, we are still taking commissions with only two sitting on the bench now, so if your interested drop us a line...