Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Miniatures for Sale

Update - All Items are SOLD

Okay Folks,

Here are a few items that I have had for some time and I am looking to unload these since I do not play WFB anymore. These figures are what are left of my Empire army that I had back in 3rd edition!

First up we have an old Bright Wizard that I converted into my Nuln Wizard. He is $20.00

Next up is an OOP Ice Queen model, she used to be part of my Winged Hussars, but now she is all alone, asking $20.00

Here is a 10 man unit of White Wolf Knights Lead by the old Grand Master of the White Wolf miniature. Asking Price for the whole Unit is $50.00

Here is another Classic unit, a Unit of Reiksguard lead by the Reiksguard Marshal model. Asking Price is $50.00

Last up is the Elector Count of Ostland, asking $20.00 for this guy.

If you or you know someone that is interested, drop me a line at saguaropainting@gmail.com


FoW Americans & Tanks


Another FoW commission completed for a repeat customer. This one was one Rifle Platoon, a Platoon of M5A1 Stuarts and 3 Sherman tanks.

There you go, more worked completed by Saguaro Painting Service, so if your are in need of getting your models painted, than we are the Service for you! Remember, un-painted miniatures die quicker than painted ones!