Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Miniatures for Sale

Update - All Items are SOLD

Okay Folks,

Here are a few items that I have had for some time and I am looking to unload these since I do not play WFB anymore. These figures are what are left of my Empire army that I had back in 3rd edition!

First up we have an old Bright Wizard that I converted into my Nuln Wizard. He is $20.00

Next up is an OOP Ice Queen model, she used to be part of my Winged Hussars, but now she is all alone, asking $20.00

Here is a 10 man unit of White Wolf Knights Lead by the old Grand Master of the White Wolf miniature. Asking Price for the whole Unit is $50.00

Here is another Classic unit, a Unit of Reiksguard lead by the Reiksguard Marshal model. Asking Price is $50.00

Last up is the Elector Count of Ostland, asking $20.00 for this guy.

If you or you know someone that is interested, drop me a line at saguaropainting@gmail.com