Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rust Space Wolves


Something new here at SPS, a local customer commissioned me to do a small Space Wolves force, but with a twist. He did not want the typical grey scheme that most folks paint Space Wolves, he wanted a rust red color and the rest was up to me, something that I like!

So first up is a Drop Pod, the customer had already built it, and I was a bit intimidated to paint this model already built. Any how, it was not as bad as I thought it would be, so here it is, I went for a more battle worn look.

Next up are 15 Space Wolves with various weapons.

Next up are 5 Thunder Wolf Riders, and with these I magnetized the arms so the customer can swap weapons around. So besides what you see here, there were more arms and weapons which you can see below.

Lastly we have a Wolf Lord which I did some conversion work on the Wolf.

So there you go, another commission done, next up will be some Polish 15mm Paratroopers.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Planes over the Town


The title say's it all, I have a couple of buildings from Sentinel miniature painting and one Battlefront Miniature Russian plane for Flames of War.

So here are the buildings, first up is their 3 story building which retails unpainted for $21.00. It is a nice building and breaks apart and can be used as a single, double or three story.

Next up is the Cafe for $17.00 and is a very iconic looking building, Sentinel miniature painting has a great building here. I left a name off of the sign board since I did not know what my customer wanted. 

I just have to say that both of these buildings are great and my local guys I play with will be ordering a few of these to go along with the FoW buildings that just came out.

Next up is Ilyushin Il-2m3 Shturmovik for my customer that had a special request. My customer lives up in Everett Washington, which happens to have the FHC Flying Heritage Collection and they have a flying Il Shtumovik. The customer wanted me to match paint the model as the FHC plane. So I hope I did a good job and here is what I came up with.

So there you go, another commission ready to go out the door...