Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Gebirgsjager Christmas

Well, it has been a while since a post here at SPS, but we have been slaving away on a few commissions. First I had a huge Warmachine/Hordes Legion army that I did. That was quickly followed by a Eldar army and now we are back to FoW.

Here are a few shots of the Gebirgsjager army that I am doing for a repeat customer. I really have to say I love painting 15mm now, and I enjoyed this project very much. So here are a few pictures for your viewing.

So there you go SPS fans, we have one more commission on the table and will hopefully have that done by Christmas, so stay tuned!


Friday, August 23, 2013

Back to 15mm FoW

Hey folks,

It has been a while since I got pictures up, we have been very busy here at SPS. In fact, I have done one commission and then straight into the next one, so taking pictures has not been high on the list. But tonight, I got the old camera out and got some shots of this commission.

First up a few LCVP landing craft from Battlefront,

Battlefront LCVP
LCVP with troops out of craft
One more LCVP shot

Next up are a few US Airborne troops out of the new Open Fire Box

US Airborne Plastics

Mortar, Bazooka and Command Stands

Here we have the German plastics from the Open Fire Set with the rural bases.

German Plastics

Nice detail on the Plastic figures

Extra detail on the bases

Panzerfaust team

Plastic Command teams
So there you go, now I am off working on a mix of 15mm Cosacks, British Arty and some 28mm Warlord Russian Naval troops.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Space Wolfs & Imperial Guard


Time for another update, this time some Space Wolves and Imperial Guard vehicles, first up the Valkyrie. The customer wanted a WW2 theme on the Valkyrie, so after going through a few WW2 aircraft books I have, I came up with this, was painted on a ME109 and it looks good on the Valkyrie

Nose art and kills.

Overall camo scheme.
Other side
 The customer also gave me a Chimera to paint up, I went with a very basic scheme that seems to fit for Imperial Guard units attached to Space Wolves.

Pretty Basic

 Next up comes the Space Wolves, the customer will be doing the bases, so here they are in all their Grey Glory.

 There you go, next up some Chaos Deamons...


Friday, April 26, 2013

152's Paras and a German Infantry gun!


Things have been busy here at SPS, I knocked out another commission this week for another returning customer. So here is what he sent down:

FoW ISU 152's
Close Up of Russians
FoW Open Fire Plastic US Airborne

Close up of the Plastic Figures
Bolt Action Infantry Gun 28mm

So there you go, another commission down, and a few more to come.

A side note, I get folks asking when I have an opening they would like to know. Now, here is how I put commissions in order. Once you contact me and we figure out the details, your commission is in a holding status until funds are received. Once the funds have been received your commission goes into the paint Que and I work the commissions in order of when customers put their deposits down. So once your money is in, you are in the Que and will be next in line. Pending commissions are just that, pending until you have paid. So if you are ready to commission me, than get your funds in so I can get you in the schedule. Hope that helps, now back to painting.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

40K Orks and Micro Armour!


Been busy here at Saguaro Painting Service, first up a small 40K commission of Green Skin boyz for the Evil Suns. Commission was build two Dakka Jets, paint said jets as well as two battle wagons, 30 shoota boyz, 15 Lootas and 15 Burna boyz. All to be painted in Evil Sunz Yellow.

30 Shoota Boyz!

Some of the Burna Boyz!

2 Battlewagons!

1 of the 2 Dakka Jets
Following up on that, I had a Micro Armour Combat Command Box for the Africa Korps to do. Now if you are not familiar with Micro Armour, that is 6mm folks, in other words, tiny, as you will see!

Panzer IV's F's

Back of IV's showing decals applied

Panzer III's F's

Once again, decals applied to rear of turret and cross' to back, hard to see isn't it!

Panzer II's F's

SdKfz 222's


Dreaded 88cm

Mortar team

BMW motorcycle and side car

MG Teams

LMG Teams

6mm Infantry

Now just to show you how small, here are pictures with a Quarter to show scale!

Panzer III

6mm Infantry, you could get a squad of ten guys on a quarter!

Panzer IV on a quarter!

So there you go folks, next up are some FoW Russian tanks as well as FoW US Airborne, than onto a 40K Demon army.