Friday, August 23, 2013

Back to 15mm FoW

Hey folks,

It has been a while since I got pictures up, we have been very busy here at SPS. In fact, I have done one commission and then straight into the next one, so taking pictures has not been high on the list. But tonight, I got the old camera out and got some shots of this commission.

First up a few LCVP landing craft from Battlefront,

Battlefront LCVP
LCVP with troops out of craft
One more LCVP shot

Next up are a few US Airborne troops out of the new Open Fire Box

US Airborne Plastics

Mortar, Bazooka and Command Stands

Here we have the German plastics from the Open Fire Set with the rural bases.

German Plastics

Nice detail on the Plastic figures

Extra detail on the bases

Panzerfaust team

Plastic Command teams
So there you go, now I am off working on a mix of 15mm Cosacks, British Arty and some 28mm Warlord Russian Naval troops.