Saturday, June 4, 2011

US Paras & The SPS Crew!


Another week and another commission done! This one is for a customer up in the Bay area of California and was 3 US Para Platoons for Flames of War. Here is an overall shot of the completed commission.

One thing the customer asked for was a way to distinguish each platoon on the table top. The customer did not want any sort of lines or color marks on the base, so we decided that I would make something out of the basing material. So what I did was to add rocks to some of the bases. Platoon #1 has no rocks on the base.

Platoon #2 has one rock added to each base of the platoon.

Platoon #3 has two rocks added to each base.

This way each platoon is different and easily recognisable on the table but yet the whole army looks similar on the table top with out drawing unwanted attention to each platoon.

Now lastly is a picture of some of the SPS crew in action, since I am just a one man show, I sometimes conscript my wife and son into helping with assembly and clean up. Nice thing is that I do not have to pay them since the funds from SPS go towards the household.