Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Space Wolves, IG and a Zombie Bride!


We have another set of commissions completed before the holidays and with these two done, I can now start on the big Chaos commission (which I actually started assembly two weeks ago). So up now are a few Space wolves and Imperial guard figures to match. The picture below is of a customer supplied model (on the left) and the match painted model on the right.

Here are the Imperial guard figures, you may notice that the basing is not done, the customer will be finishing these up. I really like how colors came out on the models, I hope the customer agrees.

Now for something a bit different, a few weeks ago a friend asked me if I could paint up a wedding topper for a wedding cake. But there was a hitch, he wanted the bride to be painted up as a zombie! It seemed that the couple getting married love zombies. So I am always looking for different things so I did this up in two days. The topper was already painted and all I had to do was zombifie the bride. Besides paint I decided to make one of the brides eyes look like it fell out with some green stuff. The couple loved the topper and here are the pictures of the completed work.


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bolt Action Vehicles


Something a tad bigger this round of commissions, a few 1/56th scale Bolt Action vehicles for a local customer and friend. We here at SPS have been bitten by the Bolt Action game, so I was wondering when I would get a chance to paint up a few, well it did not take too long.

First up is a 222 scout car, I loved this kit, nice and clean and easy to paint. I went with the basic German grey with some weathering.

Next up a Stug in a two color scheme and has some weathering (mud effects) done too it.

Next up a Panzer IV H in a three color scheme with weathering effects (mud again).

Here is a shot with a few Crusader miniatures to show scale.

A family group photo!

One last shot with a Plastic Soldier Company 15mm Panzer IV to show scale.

So there you go, next up is a small Space Wolf Commission while I work on a HUGE Chaos Marine army!


Friday, November 30, 2012

FoW Variety Hour!


We have been very busy here at SPS, have a few commissions lined up and one huge one starting tomorrow. But up first is a few pieces for a certain customer up in the Pacific Northwest area, Brad, these are for you man...

As I mentioned above, I am starting a huge commission of 40K Chaos Space marines, assembly starts tomorrow. I do have a 3 vehicles from the Warlord Bolt Action line, so stay tuned for more WW2 action but in 28mm!!


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ultra marine Ironclad Dreadnaught


Was contacted by a local gamer that needed a rush commission for his nephew, so here is the completed model. I did magnetize the arms and the weapons that mount to the arms per the customers request.

So there you go, another one completed and off to its new home...


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wolf Priests


I picked up a small commission from a local customer, he is doing Space Wolves and liked what I did for the Rust Wolves. In fact the two customers are friends and once he saw the Rust Wolves, he wanted me to paint them up for him as well.

So with that here are the two priests, the one on the left is a metal model, the one on the right is a Finecast model.

You will notice that this is a pretty stock model with only the addition of the the back pack icon.

Now you will notice that this model has had some minor changes done to it. The customer gave me two of the same models (1 metal & 1 Fine Cast) but one thing that always bothers me is having two of the same characters in an army.

Since I do not play Space Wolves, I do not what build out the Rune Priest can take, so I decided to keep the same equipment but to switch it two opposite hands. The replacement weapons came from the plastic Space Wolf set and I think it looks better than the stock model.

So next up will be a few Malifux gangs...


Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Boo Berry Necron Flyers arrive


The Necron Flyers have arrived, my son has named them the Boo Berry Crons, the customer even continued the theme with The Boo Berry Dynasty.

Anyway, this was a rush job and I hope the customer likes them. I kept with the customers other Necrons and some of those you have seen here. So here you go, less talk and more pictures.

So there you go...

Oh wait, there is a Necron Lord that goes with these flyers, but I forgot to take pics of him and I just put everything away.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Necrons Rise Again!


There back!!!!!Another commission completed and this time it is more Necrons. This time it was 10 Immortals that the customer wanted me to match up with existing work.

Here is a shot of the sample model on the left, and the match paint on the right. As you can see I used a different color (per customer) for the necron rods in their guns. I think the new color works much better.