Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Wolf Priests


I picked up a small commission from a local customer, he is doing Space Wolves and liked what I did for the Rust Wolves. In fact the two customers are friends and once he saw the Rust Wolves, he wanted me to paint them up for him as well.

So with that here are the two priests, the one on the left is a metal model, the one on the right is a Finecast model.

You will notice that this is a pretty stock model with only the addition of the the back pack icon.

Now you will notice that this model has had some minor changes done to it. The customer gave me two of the same models (1 metal & 1 Fine Cast) but one thing that always bothers me is having two of the same characters in an army.

Since I do not play Space Wolves, I do not what build out the Rune Priest can take, so I decided to keep the same equipment but to switch it two opposite hands. The replacement weapons came from the plastic Space Wolf set and I think it looks better than the stock model.

So next up will be a few Malifux gangs...