Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bolt Action Vehicles


Something a tad bigger this round of commissions, a few 1/56th scale Bolt Action vehicles for a local customer and friend. We here at SPS have been bitten by the Bolt Action game, so I was wondering when I would get a chance to paint up a few, well it did not take too long.

First up is a 222 scout car, I loved this kit, nice and clean and easy to paint. I went with the basic German grey with some weathering.

Next up a Stug in a two color scheme and has some weathering (mud effects) done too it.

Next up a Panzer IV H in a three color scheme with weathering effects (mud again).

Here is a shot with a few Crusader miniatures to show scale.

A family group photo!

One last shot with a Plastic Soldier Company 15mm Panzer IV to show scale.

So there you go, next up is a small Space Wolf Commission while I work on a HUGE Chaos Marine army!