Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Space Wolves, IG and a Zombie Bride!


We have another set of commissions completed before the holidays and with these two done, I can now start on the big Chaos commission (which I actually started assembly two weeks ago). So up now are a few Space wolves and Imperial guard figures to match. The picture below is of a customer supplied model (on the left) and the match painted model on the right.

Here are the Imperial guard figures, you may notice that the basing is not done, the customer will be finishing these up. I really like how colors came out on the models, I hope the customer agrees.

Now for something a bit different, a few weeks ago a friend asked me if I could paint up a wedding topper for a wedding cake. But there was a hitch, he wanted the bride to be painted up as a zombie! It seemed that the couple getting married love zombies. So I am always looking for different things so I did this up in two days. The topper was already painted and all I had to do was zombifie the bride. Besides paint I decided to make one of the brides eyes look like it fell out with some green stuff. The couple loved the topper and here are the pictures of the completed work.