Sunday, April 21, 2013

40K Orks and Micro Armour!


Been busy here at Saguaro Painting Service, first up a small 40K commission of Green Skin boyz for the Evil Suns. Commission was build two Dakka Jets, paint said jets as well as two battle wagons, 30 shoota boyz, 15 Lootas and 15 Burna boyz. All to be painted in Evil Sunz Yellow.

30 Shoota Boyz!

Some of the Burna Boyz!

2 Battlewagons!

1 of the 2 Dakka Jets
Following up on that, I had a Micro Armour Combat Command Box for the Africa Korps to do. Now if you are not familiar with Micro Armour, that is 6mm folks, in other words, tiny, as you will see!

Panzer IV's F's

Back of IV's showing decals applied

Panzer III's F's

Once again, decals applied to rear of turret and cross' to back, hard to see isn't it!

Panzer II's F's

SdKfz 222's


Dreaded 88cm

Mortar team

BMW motorcycle and side car

MG Teams

LMG Teams

6mm Infantry

Now just to show you how small, here are pictures with a Quarter to show scale!

Panzer III

6mm Infantry, you could get a squad of ten guys on a quarter!

Panzer IV on a quarter!

So there you go folks, next up are some FoW Russian tanks as well as FoW US Airborne, than onto a 40K Demon army.