Sunday, May 9, 2010

A few things on the bench

Well, here are a few pictures of what I am working on and have completed. First up a few Terminators for Brandon Forrey. Brandon is working on his own Space Marine Chapter and wanted something a paint job that had a bit more military feel to them. So the based color is an Olive Drab color and I kept everything in a green tone.

Next up are a few Republican Romans for Hank Edly out in Chicago area. I do have to say, these have been done for a time and I have one Calvary unit left to do. I should have these done by the following weekend.

Last week I also picked up a Commission from Kermit Hawkins to do 4 15mm units of Civil War units, which are the Iron Brigade, 146th NY, Berdans Sharps and the 14th NY. The pictures are after I cleaned them up, based them on craft sticks and primed them. I also started some basic painting as well on the 14th NY.

So there you go, that's what is on the bench for Saguaro Paint Service.