Friday, December 3, 2010

A Few Samples of work.

Okay Folks,

So today I decided to showcase some of my previous work that I have done. So below are a few examples of my work.

First up a Gandalf Model from the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle game. This particular model took first place in the Gathering in the Desert Red Dragon painting Competition back in 2009.

Next up is a Warhammer 40K model from the Sisters of Battle Line. This is the Saint Celestine figure that was converted to add the eagle wings instead of the winged cherub cloak that the model came with.

Here is a Foundry Mounted Cowboy model that I did for a friend. He requested the figure to have a 5:00 O clock shadow on his face.

Next up is an Artizan Cowboy from my own collection.

Here is a Westwind Mummy that I did for a Pulp game, I liked the model so much that I purchased one for myself to use in my own pulp games. he could also be used for a Blood Bowl Mummy as well.

Here is another one from my own collection, it is a Copplestone Pulp figure that I use in my own pulp games.

This is a Pulp Miniatures figure that can be used for either Pulp games or for some World War Two games. I currently use this figure as an officer for my British 8th Army.

Here is another Artizan figure that is in my British 8th army.

I also paint 15mm figures and here is a command stand for my Flames of War DAK army.

Here is a custom made artillery staff team for my DAK army using Old Glory Command Decision figures.

Here is a Old Glory PAK 38/40 from Old Glory in 15mm that is in service in my DAK army.

Up next is a Flames of War Panzer II in my DAK army.

And lastly is a Flames of War Panzer III for the same DAK army.

So there you go, just a few examples of what SPS can do. So if your looking for good quality painting, than we are your painter. Price listings can be found on the link on the right called Prices and Information.