Monday, November 14, 2011

Paras, Finns and Germans Oh My!


Been busy here at Saguaro Paint, here is the next commission that has been completed, this one was actually three folks wrapped into one commission. My primary customer had one of his buddies send stuff down as well as his brother.

First up some US 155 Guns and crews.

Here is a US Para Mortar platoon.

Here are a few German vehicles, the Radio Truck was supplied by the customer to match paint the other vehicles too.

Next up are a few Panthers.

Next is a SU to be used as a captured Finnish vehicle.

Speaking of Finns, here is a Rifle Platoon.

And here are a few more captured T-34's for the Finns.

I also did 3 P47's for the first time, these are the Battlefront models. They are nice but the only down side is the Decals that they supply are the worst I have seen. When I went to apply the tail numbers, they fell apart in the water and could not be saved.

So there you go, another commission down, another one is on the desk. If your thinking of using Saguaro Paint, send us an e-mail to get your minis in the paint queue.