Monday, December 7, 2009

Who and What is Saguaro Paint Service??

Welcome friends,

Welcome to Saguaro Painting Service, my name is Tim Kulinski and this is my side project for war gaming. I decided to start SPS after being laid off from my job with General Motors Acceptance Company in July of 2009. I have been a gamer since 1976 when I first started with the old red box of Dungeons & Dragons. Shortly after my first adventure I stumbled onto Grenadier miniatures and have been painting and building models ever since.

But as I noted above, it was not until after I was laid off that I decided to start taking painting commissions from friends to supplement my income. You see the economy is not the greatest right now and since I am looking for work, I have free time to paint. So why not use my talents to make some extra money, and with that Saguaro Paining Service (SPS) was born.

I want to thank a few people for getting me to do this, first off my wife Shannon, she has been a great support while I have been looking for work and she can see that this will bring in some money while I search for work.

Also I would like to thank my parents, they are both behind me on this and want me to exceed, they have also helped us out financially with this little business and on the home front, thanks Mom & Dad!

I also would like to thank some of my friends, Mike & Julie Pape, for all your support, Ben Encineas for telling me I could do this, to Rob Brightwell for.. well you know why! And to all my other friends and family, thanks for keeping me sane.

So I will be using this blog to post up work I am doing and to let you know what else is going on in this little business. So there you go, just a quick bit of info about Saguaro Painting Service, hmm it's December 7th a Day that will live in Infamy...

Tim K